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I'm Bailey Buckner and I write. And when it comes to copywriting and line editing, I'm relentless and obsessive. I choose and place each word with the utmost care, making it possible for my clients to connect authentically with their customers, shareholders, and employees.

My Copywriting Specialities

Startups & E-Commerce

From web copy to product descriptions, I create concise and engaging copy for startups and e-commerce companies.

Product Descriptions and Web Copy Descriptions


Copywriting for Startups

Impact and Nonprofits

I also craft professional copy for nonprofits and wealth management companies about their areas of impact.


Creative & Personal

And when it comes to action-filled comics and ghost-written autobiographies, I make sure readers can't put their book down.

Copywriting for creative projects

What My Clients Say

Working with Bailey is easy and straight forward. She's good at saying what needs to be said in a way that flows well.

- Edwin, Perserbid

Bailey understands people. And she condenses ideas into something understandable and interesting.

- Brad, BlueZebra Sports

When I read the first draft I was totally impressed. Bailey was able to take the little bit of information that I provided and create a perfect blog post that was the perfect mix of information and story. The post engaged readers and was shared by more people than any other previous blog post.

- Kyle, Digital Fridge

Bailey Buckner Portrait for Writing Services

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